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Summer Concerts & Festivals

Get ready to make this summer one of the best times of your life. The sun is out, the weather in Southern California is as beautiful as ever and a big variety of concerts, festivals and other events will take place in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to give you and your family and friends [...]

Hollywood Bowl 2018 Season: Summer Convenience with LA Private Car Service

In Los Angeles, every summer is a special time for outdoor entertainment under the sun and the stars. The beautiful Southern California weather allows Angelenos to head out for amazing concerts and events happening in the open-air venues. The iconic Hollywood Bowl is what comes to mind as fans start searching for such activities. Here [...]

Dodgers 2018 Season: Energy, Excitement, & Private Cars to Get You There!

This with the opening day around the corner, Dodgers fans are getting excited about supporting the blue and the prospect of the team making it to the World Series. The Dodgers are set to play a total of 28 games by the end of April 2018. Fifteen of these games will be at home, and [...]

Go Blue! Congrats to the Dodgers

Congratulations to the Los Angeles DODGERS on their National League Division Series win!  LA Private Car Service is excited that our home team is moving onto the World Series and we could not be more proud of our players and coaches.  We are here for all our Dodger fans as they get ready to support [...]

Top 7 Things To Do In Los Angeles

It’s true that Angelinos do have it perfect, from our beautiful weather to all the things to see and experience in LA.  We have the beach, the desert, and all the stars within a quick to few hour drive but we are always willing share.  Whether you are a family of 4 or a group [...]

Delta’s Changes To LAX

Delta Airlines has moved forward in changing the façade and face of LAX.  The airlines has taken steps in a $1.9 billion plan to modernize, upgrade, and connect Terminals 2 and 3 with Bradley Terminal at LAX over the next seven years.  The new space is said to provide all the amenities that Delta’s customers [...]

John Legend Live! Greek Theater, Los Angeles

Singer John Legend is on fire.  When he is not on stage performing live or recording new music, he is lending his voice and name to various creative projects. Yet it is on stage, up close and personal, when fans get the full scope of the man’s big talent and electric stage presence. Bringing it […]

POWERHOUSE 2017: Hip Hop Destination in a Chauffeured Vehicle

Get ready for Powerhouse 2017 and its stellar line up of music stars, art, food, beer and spirits, and a lot more, coming in this month of May. Dubbed as “the Hip Hop party of the summer,” Powerhouse 2017 promises to give the fans a strong dose of music, art, sports and a celebration under […]

Get to Coachella with L.A. Private Car Service

The Coachella festival, one of the biggest, most celebrated music events is approaching and music lovers, everywhere, are gearing up to attend this amazing happening. And when it comes to getting there, driving is one of the main methods of getting there. Here at L.A. Private Car Service, we have answered that call year after […]

Los Angeles Chargers Are Ready For You

Darkness engulfs you for a few moments, but then light breaks through as you pull down your jersey past your head. You look into the mirror to see the powder blue and gold reflection; a smile sneaks its way onto your face.  It is Sunday, and now you don’t have to endure a drive all […]