Airport Pickups:


Pickups from LAX are for curbside pickup & for domestic arrivals.

If you prefer Meet and Greet service at LAX, it will be an additional $50.00.


We will check & track your flight arriving at LAX to see whether you are arriving on schedule or if your flight is delayed or you’re arriving earlier than your scheduled arrival time, & we will make sure that in all instances we will have our driver at LAX waiting for you & ready to pick you up whenever you are ready to be picked up.

If applicable, International Arrivals Wait Time is an additional $25.00. (This will cover you for a total of 2 hours of wait time. After that the charge will be $25.00/hr if the wait time is more than 2 hours). In order for us to provide you with an exceptionally professional & guaranteed service & drivers availability at the time of your arrival, we must book you in with your scheduled arrival & landing time & not with a guessed/assumed & estimated custom clearing time.

Since we don’t know & can’t foresee how fast & quick you will be clearing the US Customs & will be ready to be picked up. The time that you will be ready to be picked up from LAX & be on your way it will all depends on how busy the US costumes, the Homeland Security Office & the TSA are. It will at least take between 30 min to 1 hour in best case scenario. On average it takes about somewhere in between of 45 min -2 hours to clear customs. It can absolutely take much longer than that depending on which country you are traveling from & what your ethnicity & nationality is in your travel documents. Our Driver will be at LAX upon your scheduled arrival time & will wait for you until you have cleared the US Customs, have picked up your luggage & are ready to be picked up

If applicable our Meet & Greet Service is additional $50.00. (Unless, upon your arrival at LAX, you can maintain contact with our driver!! If not our driver must meet you inside the terminal for a mandatory meeting & greet service for NONE of our drivers can make any international Calls or use any other means of establishing communication with you such as 3rd party smart phone applications that use internet or Wi-Fi to make or receive calls, because of the simple fact that we cannot rely on strong & steady internet network connection & we might not be able to communicate with you & meet you in an timely manner).

Other Airport Pickups:

We can drop off at any desired airport.

Currently we do NOT make any pickups from Long Beach Airport, Ontario Airport, Santa Anna Airport, and San Diego International Airport.

Burbank Airport has an absolutely NO curbside pickup policy & has a mandatory Meet & Greet Service policy which will be an additional $25.00.

PRIVATE Aviation:

We do pickups from & drop offs at any private aviation.

Pick Up:

Mandatory Meet & Greet Service it will be an additional $50.00.

Minimum One Full hour wait time at the rate of $49.00/hr plus gratuity for a Luxury Sedan & $69/hr plus gratuity for a Luxury SUV.

If the wait time is longer than one hour then the hourly rate continues at full hour increments at the same rate.

Drop Off:

Driver will wait at the private aviation lobby until the plane has taken off & is in the air. Once the wheels are up he’s going to leave the premises.

This way we insure that the passenger/s is/are safely on their way our service is no longer required.

Minimum One Full hour wait time at the rate of $49.00/hr plus gratuity for a Luxury Sedan & $69/hr plus gratuity for a Luxury SUV.

If the wait time is longer than one hour then the hourly rate continues at full hour increments at the same rate.

Hourly Service & Wait Time:

The hourly rate is ONLY for short distance traveling such as 8 miles max radius of the actual 1st primary main pick up location.  Anything above that will be considered a long distance traveling & will be subject to a full city transfer destination fee charge of a min $89.00 plus gratuity for the luxury sedan & a min of $139.00 plus gratuity for the luxury SUV for up to a max 25 miles radius coverage area. Anything beyond that will be adjusted & charged accordingly when the true actual pick up & drop off locations have been determined.

Quick Extra Stops that are within/between 5 miles of radius of the last actual 1st primary main pick up location & on the way to the next primary drop of location with a max of 10-15 min wait time are subject of a charge of $49.00/stop. Anything above that will be considered a long distance traveling & will be subject to a full city transfer destination fee charged.

Any other stops that are less than 1 miles away from either your pick up location &/or your drop off location will be NO additional charge.

Any wait time that is less than 10 min there will be NO additional charges.

Tours & Sightseeing:

If requested, for Hollywood Tour, when you arrive at Hollywood, our standard hourly service & wait time rate for the luxury Sedan & Luxury SUV will take effect. Additional destination fees may apply depending on your pick up location & final drop off location.

The tour will be taking you to Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, Dolby (KODAK) Theater,  West Hollywood,  Beverly Hills,  Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood, and Luxury Neighborhoods.  As long as you stay within those areas there will be no additional charges applied to your reservation.

The same apply for other sightseeing destinations such as the beaches, studios, etc…

Cancelation Policy:
Cancellations made by latest 24 hours prior to the scheduled service date will not be a subject to a charged of any cancellation fees &/or penalties & the reservation will be canceled without any questions & restriction.

Cancellations made within 24 hours or less to the scheduled service time will be considered as Short Notice, Late &/or Last Minute cancellations are subject to a full service charge without any exceptions.

We don’t have any set amount, percentage, mandatory minimums or any obligations. Our drivers strive to earn their gratuity

It’s absolutely at your own discretion how much or if at all you would like to tip the driver.
Clients typically tip somewhere between 18%-20%+.

Detailing & Cleaning Fee:

Picking up passenger/s from Hotels/Bars/Lounges/Concerts/Clubs/Private Parties etc…or for any pick up & drop offs at any time of the day, if it happens so that any passenger/s, pets, service animals, etc… for any reason & by all means damage the inside of the car or by any other means puts the car into a none operative condition so the vehicle has to be taking out of the fleet for 2+ days for repairs, cleaning & detailing purposes & also for inconveniencing the next passenger who will be using the car & the driver for him not being able to work for the rest of his shift for that day & for the following days & also the drivers for the following day/s who must have the car at their disposal. Also in cases like this, the company has to reschedule & reassign drivers to make sure all the passengers are conveniently & professionally taking care of & are serviced in a timely manner. Therefore there will be a mandatory nonrefundable charge of minimum $495.00 on the credit card that is provided during the reservation process.

Pets & Service Animals:

If the service animal is small & it’s in a travel crate at all times that can fit in the back seat, there will be no charge, but if the service animal need to be out of the crate, there will be an additional $50.00 fee automatically added to your reservation for detailing & cleaning purposes.

Large service animals must be in a travel crate at all times and the reservation must be booked for an SUV order & the crate must be put in the trunk without exceptions. If the crate needs to be put on the seat or if the animal need to be outside of the crate, there will be a mandatory $50.00 fee charged for the service animal itself. The cleaning & detailing fee for the SUV will also be added in the amount of $50.00!

Please note, that you are solely & entirely responsible for the safety & well-being of the animal at all times. The animal need to be under control at all times & must NOT reach beyond the backseat &/or come forward toward the driver. The animal cannot interfere, conflict, bother the driver & jeopardize the driver’s ability to operate safely.

If there is required to pick up the animal from the airline cargo location, then our regular standard quick stop & hourly service / wait time charges will be automatically added to your reservations final total amount due.