Coachella is a few months away in April, but you can never be too ready for a trip as popular and important as this.  Getting to Indio, California and back can be more than a hassle for many people, but if you use LA Private Car Service, you ensure you have a private car and an exceptional driver for you and your friends.  Whether you need a Town Car or a vehicle that holds more people like an SUV, we have what you need. The drive from Los Angeles to Indio can take upwards of four hours depending on traffic, so if you aren’t used to driving for that long or sitting in traffic for such a long time, or even if you just hate it, a private car is the best thing for you.  While at Coachella you will have enough to have to deal with, so having your drive out there be relaxing and luxurious can be achieved by booking with us!  Whether it is the first weekend or the second, we can get you there and back safely and comfortably.

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