Are you wondering why the Lakers and Clippers are having road trips for the next week and a half?  Well wonder no more, because we are about to tell you that the Grammys are in town!  The Grammys are coming to Staples Center on February 8th and Los Angeles is going to be a little more packed than usual with famous singers and performers.  It’s been 56 years since the Grammys first started, and they are going strong to this day. If you’ve ever watched the Grammys on TV, then you know how much scrutiny and critiquing is involved with everything from the clothes worn to who they came with, but also under scrutiny is how everyone arrived.  Make a bold statement and show up in a luxurious and classy ride, and set the tone for your evening.  Give us a call and let us help you see the full potential we can offer.

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