A Happy Thanksgiving card A beige card with words Happy Thanksgiving over red and orange maple leaf background      If you’ve ever traveled on Thanksgiving, then you know how easy and calming the entire process can be.  If you are irritated at this statement, then you need to give us a call at LA Private Car Service, because we can make your trip to and from the airport a breeze.  We know that once you are in the airport, it can be an absolute hassle and a headache, but with us, your trip to the airport and back from it can be smooth.

     We give you the chauffeurs phone number in case you need direct contact, but you can also call our office line 24/7 and speak to a live representative.  We care about service, so we show up on time and are prompt with our service, but we also go above and beyond by tracking your incoming flight to make sure we can accommodate.  Give us a call or book your reservation online today and see how easy your holiday travel can be!



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